How to write a book review

Book reviewing is almost certainly one of the most important marketing strategies for any publisher or book seller. Review with these simple steps.

Fahrenheit 451 Special Edition can only be read when set alight

The irony of a book that can only be read by setting it alight from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit-451. A book that purges the world of books.

Valentine’s Day Books to keep you warm

The best books to keep you warm this Valentine's day, classic romance novels, love poems and even the best for singletons.

Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2019: Shortlists

For the past 15 years Waterstones have shown us the best new talent in Children's literature with their Children's Book Prize.

Costa Book of the Year 2018

There are 5 categories in Costas Book of the year awards 2018: first novel award, novel award, biography award, poetry award and the children’s book award.

How to identify a book as a first edition

What is a first edition book? A first edition book is described as a book in its first print. It

Top holiday destinations for only £60pp deposit

We take a look at the best places to visit in 2019, from beautiful sandy beaches to shopping capitals.. let 2019 take you on the adventure you deserve.

15 Resolutions to live your best life in 2019

Imagine a world where we automatically praise instead of critisise? Can you see it? - Beautiful isn't it! Learn to live your best life.

Best books of 2018

We take a look at the best books of 2018. The best book list from the past year, did your favourites make the list? And what will you add to your bookshelf?

Geminid meteor 2018 brightest shower of the year

The Geminid meteors appear to radiate from near the star Castor, which is in the constellation Gemini. The shower can produce multi-coloured flashes,