This Is What Happened in Eden

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The purpose of this book, the first in the 'Truth That Sets Free' series, is to set the thinking mind free from the limitations and boxed-in belief systems.Everyone deserves to know they have the right to know the truth about their origin, purpose, and destiny. The reader will find new interpretations to various established truths and find greater understanding concerning life lessons. This first book 'This is What Happened in Eden' review the events that played off in the Garden of Eden, and give some refreshing and reassuring insight.To know that true life is not so bad as we believed it to be, will surely lift the spirit higher. God has the really real picture of what life is all about. It is a picture of perfection.We can and should make that perfection real in our world by focusing, believing, and practicing the true values we find in God's perfect world.Faith can move mountains out of your way, just be sure you don't create a stumbling block for others.Knowing the truth about a situation sets you free, and when you're free, your desire will be to set others free as well.

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David Solomons has been writing screenplays for many years. His first feature film was an adaptation of ‘Five Children and It’ (starring Kenneth Branagh and Eddie Izzard, with gala screenings at the Toronto and Tribeca Film Festivals). His latest film is a romantic comedy set in the world of publishing, ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ (Karen Gillan, Iain de Caestecker), which closed the Edinburgh International Film Festival. My Brother is a Superhero is his first novel for children. He was bo...
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