Fahrenheit 451 Special Edition can only be read when set alight

The irony of a book that can only be read by setting it alight from Ray Bradbury’s burning sci-fi novel Fahrenheit-451.


Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi novel Fahrenheit-451 is the story of a futuristic America believed to be set in the 90’s, where books are outlawed and burnt to prevent the public from becoming knowledgeable. The book’s title is explained in the tagline “Fahrenheit 451 — the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns…” 


This limited-edition version of the book looks to have fallen victim of that very same purging.

Super Terrain, a graphic design company have created a limited edition heat sensitive copy that can only be read when the text is exposed to an open flame. We suspect that the text will also become visible when in contact with a direct heat source such as a hairdryer.

The book is available to buy today from Super Terrain’s website at the obvious price of $451. There are only 100 copies available. A great piece for collectors and fans of the book. With the movie only having been released last year (2018) this book would be a great collection piece for anyone connected to the movie, or even anyone who is a fan of Bradbury

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