Get a new iPhone X for under £650

If you are looking to buy a new iPhone then the current range, iPhone XS and iPhone XR are very expensive. What a lot of people do is buy last year’s iPhone, which looks identical to the current model, and they save cash that way. Although Apple stopped selling new iPhones X last year after the launch of the iPhone XS and XR, they still list the Recommended Retail Price as £899. If you look around, you’ll probably get the 64GB model for £799. That’s not cheap, but it’s less than £999 that the iPhone XS sells for.

You can pick up a refurbished model at the Apple Refurbished Store for £769, but if you’re after a brand new iPhone X, the best place to buy it is

The iPhone X.

They are selling the 64GB version of the iPhone X for £749, which is already £50 cheaper than retailers like Argos, John Lewis, and Currys PC World. While Amazon has price matched and is also selling the iPhone X 64GB at £749, you can get a better deal still from VERY if you sign up for a VERY account.

With a VERY account, you can get another 10% off your first electrical order when you use their interest free credit, which means you can buy the iPhone X for £647.10 — saving you £151 from the market rate and £251 off the RRP. You will need to use the code MJWT7 at check out before 30 June, 2019. Head to VERY now to see this deal.

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