Learn how to place a bet online

A man sat in front of a laptop. He is holding an iPhone. Both the screen of the laptop and the phone are showing a betting site.

Do you want to place a bet online or using a betting app on your phone?

We have put together a simple step-by-step guide, that will have you beating the bookies in no time.

With more people moving away from the traditional betting shops into the world of online gambling, we wanted to offer an easy step by step guide to setting up an account and placing a bet online with the betting site of your choice.

There are dozens of online betting sites to choose from, and let’s be honest, the whole process of deciding on one can seem a little daunting.

Together with our guide to opening an account to place a bet online, we have also broken the site options down to the five we feel offer the best value and are most user friendly.

We have chosen to use Bet365 as our example, the 5 steps on how to place a bet online is based on our own experience of setting up our personal online accounts.

How to place a bet online in 5 easy steps:

  1. First things first – ‘Open a Bet 365 Account’
  2. Log in to your account and deposit the total amount that you want to bet.
  3. Choose a sport from the left-hand side menu, use the A-Z from the left if using the App
  4. Now, click on the yellow odds to add that bet to your slip. You can add more than one bet to create an ‘Accumulator’
  5. After adding the selections on to your betting slip, click the box ‘multiple selections’, and select the type of bet you wish to place. (If you have chosen 3 bets, the option would be ‘trebles’). Finally enter your stake in the ‘1x’ box and click ‘place bet’.

For those of you that would like a more visual guide, we have a more detailed description of how to place a bet online below.

Open an account

Open an account online or via the bet365 app, ‘Bet365 Account’ On the top right hand corner of the bet365 home page, you will find ‘Join Now’.
Click the ‘Join Now’ button and complete all your personal details into the registration form to create an account.


Bet365 home page, join bet365 by clicking 'join now' on the top right hand corner. Showing how to place a bet online
Join Bet365
You are viewing bet365's registration for, complete this to open an account. Showing how to place a bet online
Bet365 registration form

Enter payment details

The next step from filling in your personal details, is to enter your payment method. You will now be given the option to deposit money into your account.

You can place limits on the value of bets you can place within a week etc. I would strongly advise a betting limit if you are at high risk of impulse betting.

The betting slogan, when the fun stops, stop.

Choose your Sport

From the home page, select sports from the top banner, this will take you to the sports homepage. Here you will see a list of all sports down the left hand side of your screen.

We have chosen soccer for our example. On the soccer homepage you will find different football leagues to choose from. Simply click on the selection of your choice to find the teams you wish to place a bet online with.

Caption of bet365's sports homepage, full list of sports can be found down the left hand side menu. Showing how to place a bet online
Bet365 sports homepage


From the soccer home page, we are going to place a bet on ‘World cup 2018’


We have a caption of the soccer homepage, which lists the games into categories. Showing how to place a bet online
Soccer home page

Choose your matches

To choose your selections. Simply click on the yellow coloured odds, doing this will be highlight your selections as shown. We have selected 3 teams in our example, this is referred to as a treble.


Caption of our bet selections, the selections are highlighted to show our choices, we have selected three teams, this is referred to as a treble.Showing how to place a bet online
Bet selections are highlighted


Review your Bet Slip

You will see the ‘bet slip’ on the right hand side of the page. The bet slip will update itself everytime you add a selection to your bet. You will be able to view the bet slip from making your first selection.

Your betting slip will show you the odds of the accumulator you are about to place a bet on. Click on ‘show multiples’ to select the type of bet you wish to place.

We have chosen 3 teams, which is known as a treble.

If you had picked 5 different teams to bet on, you would choose ‘5 fold’, 6 different teams ‘6 fold’ etc.

Finally, when you’re happy with your selections. You can enter your stake and click the yellow ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm your wager.


Caption of betting slip, with the list of all bets we have selected, the bet slip shows us what odds we have been given and allows us to place our stake. Showing how to place a bet online
Betting Slip


Congratulations, you just made your first bet online 🙂


Picture of man in front of a laptop will his up up in the air, in a cheering gesture. He was shown successfully how to place a bet



Good Luck





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