15 Resolutions to live your best life in 2019

Live your best life
  1. Do more for others, while expecting less in return.

    Offering to help others because it makes us feel good is a much more satisfying reward than expecting something in return. A good heart is all we need.

  2. Before you pass judgement, you must first understand.

    You have heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Never has a phrase been so significant when we look upon another human being and form an opinion. We shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone. Listen, learn and attempt to understand from that person’s perspective, you will be amazed at what you can discover from placing yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  3. Do something that scares you.

    We are creatures of habit, and will steer towards our comfort zones, doing this for fear of rejection or failure of the unknown. Stepping out of our comfort zone gives us a great ability to learn about ourselves and evolve in our lives, increasing self-confidence and encouraging us to do more of the things that scare us.
    Never compare yourself to others, the only battle you have to win is the one with yourself.

  4. Surround yourself with positive people.

    Surrounding yourself with positive and enthusiastic people is proven to be one of life’s greatest motivators. Positive people will encourage, inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. These types of people will enable you to see the light and lift your spirits in your darkest days.

  5. Never lose sight of what’s most important in your life.

    While we are out there living the best lives that we can, and creating the best opportunities for ourselves. We must never forget the most important aspects of our lives. Always make time for your health, family and friends and your self-development. When you have your health and the love of those you care about the most, you can achieve anything.

  6. Live beneath or at least within your means.

    Living below our means is how we can achieve financial freedom. This will enable you to live without the fear of ever getting into debt, will allow you to pay off existing debt and to save for your future. By creating comfortable lives for ourselves we are less likely to lead wasteful lives.

  7. Don’t live in chaos, Get organised.

    It has been found that there are many benefits of being organised in our lives, the health benefits include us eating more healthily and being less stressed. Being organised enables us to have more time for the important things in our lives, like spending time with family and your professional life will improve greatly, all in all you will be more at peace with your surroundings, knowing that you have all your affairs in order.

  8. Learn to forgive yourself.

    We are always told throughout our lives the importance of forgiving others in order to move forward from our past. But what we aren’t so good at is forgiving ourselves. Whether we have hurt someone close to us or let ourselves down with bad decisions, self-forgiveness is our way of accepting responsibility for our own actions, and taking care of the self-hurt at the same time. We all make mistakes, forgiving ourselves and learning from those experiences is what helps us blossom.

  9. Take a 30-minute walk.

    Exercise is one of life’s greatest anti-depressants, and walking is right up there at the top. Walking has a massive impact on our mental health, helping us clear our minds and releasing endorphins which improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Small changes such as walking to the next bus stop, and taking a short walk on your lunch break will drastically improve your overall health.

  10. Don’t make excuses, they will only hold you back.

    Holding ourselves back from living is what excuses do. Don’t blame others for your misfortune, we hold the cards to our own lives as we grow older, we choose whether to let our past affect our futures. Stand independently and tell yourself that you can achieve anything with hard work.

    He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. Benjamin Franklin
  11. Be kind to unkind people.

    This isn’t as easy or as obvious as it sounds, naturally we are inclined to be cold towards those that show us unkindness. But in reality, it is those who are unkind, that are in need of our compassion and empathy the most.

  12. Make time for yourself to be alone.

    Release the stress in your life by putting time aside for yourself, whether it’s a pampering session, or a long soak in the bath with your favourite book. Alone time gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself more, and makes us more resilient.

  13. Listen more, talk less.

    They say knowledge is power and what better way to gain it than by listening to others. By listening we show people that we care and that we are interested in what they have to say, giving them a feeling of importance and respect.

  14. Never stop learning.

    In the same way our bodies need exercise to keep fit and healthy, our brains also need stimulated for the same reasons. In the age of the internet we literally have the world at our fingertips, knowledge is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It helps us to understand the people and the world that surrounds us and opens our minds to the opportunities that are out there.

  15. Praise more, criticise less.

    Imagine a world where we automatically praise instead of criticise? can you see it? – Beautiful isn’t it! Friends and strangers alike praising us for our efforts rather than criticising our failures. More of us would be more inclined to try new things, without the fear of being put down or being told that we can’t do it. You will see a sudden change in people’s self-confidence and belief the minute you praise them and stop criticising. Build people up, not down.

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