The best bookcases from around the world


Being a bookworm isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s a passion. I love my books, and the worlds that they take me to. Which is why I aim to buy hardbacks and first editions. As there is no way I am passing on, or donating any of my favourites.  – Don’t look at me like that, I know I’m book selfish – maybe i’ll let you borrow, but only you, don’t tell anyone else. So what am I going to do with all those books that mean so much to me, that I refuse to part with?

I have literally spent almost a year looking for that special bookcase to display my special babies, and still I am struggling with making that final decision. But luckily for you (and me), my year of searching isn’t going to waste, I have saw some truly inspiring designs and some equally wacky ones that I just had to share. And hopefully you can find inspiration if you too are looking for that perfect place to showcase your book collection.

If you have a bookcase of your own you would like to share, I would absolutely love to see it.

Swirl style wooden bookcase


Read wall mounted bookcase
White wall mounted or free standing bookcase
Bookcase encased in a frame
Corner bookshelf in shape of a tree
Fun kids bookcase
White misshapen bookcase
White build on bookcases White build on bookcases
Book shelf chair
Slanted design bookcase
Floating black steel book shelves
invisible bookshelf
swirl design bookcase
Indented book shelf
Freestanding tree style bookcase red
Yule tree bookshelf
Yule tree bookshelf mahogony
Flex book shelf
Industrial Corner Pipe bookShelf


Industrial Corner Pipe bookShelf
Flower creation bookshelves
stacked teacups bookshelf
2 in 1 knife and book holder
Windswept tree shelf
Chuck Flexible Wooden Bookshelf
Ladder bookshelf
stair bookcase
piano bookcase
homemade box bookcases
unusual bookcase
seating bookcase
door bookcase
hanging books
cave bookshelf
skateboard bookshelf
unique bookshelf
Bookshelf chair
Creative Bookshelf
zig zag bookcase


Superman Bookcase


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