Top 30 toys for Christmas 2018

the top toys of christmas 2018. are they all going to be unicorns?

It may have came earlier than expected. Argos and Amazon have released their predictions for 2018’s must-have toys for Christmas. The list brings back some popular choices from last year. The LOL surprise, Nerf guns and a brand new edition of Pie Face return. We have noticed a pattern and it seems that the Unicorn has taken top spot in the popularity contest. In fact, some might say it’s all about the unicorn toys this Christmas.

Full list of the top toys for Christmas 2018

  • Poopsie Unicorn Surprise – £43.93 – Read More

    The adorable looking ‘Poopsie Unicorn Surprise’ poops glittery poo in the form of slime when you feed it the special unicorn food. It also comes with a potty to collect the glitter poo. (Yes, you read that right.)
    This is available in four different colours.

    poopsir Unicorn surprise photo.

  • Lego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base – £78.99 – Read More

    This fun set features a crane with posable arm, hook, platform and a trailer. Plus a mobile lab unit with radar dish and opening door. It also includes a mobile saw vehicle with posable arm and rotating blade. Plus a snow bike and a large ice build to hold the mammoth. This arctic expedition set includes six LEGO explorer minifigures and a mammoth figure.

    City arctic mobile exploration base by lego.

  • Fingerlings Untamed Dinos – £16.99 – Read More

    This years fingerlings top character will be the Dinosaur. With the release of the T-Rex version. Last year the Fingerlings were all about Monkeys. 2018 is all about Dinosaurs and Unicorns. There are four different colours to choose from.

    Fingerlings dinosaur.

  • LEGO Harry Potter set Hogwarts Great Hall – £89.99 – Read More

    This 878-piece of Magic will keep Harry Potter fans entertained for hours. We’re not only talking about the kids. The Great Hall features tables. head table with seats. fireplace. two reversible house banners and four floating candles. food, brooms. trophy cup and a teapot.
    Four-level Tower features movable Grand Staircase spiral steps. potions and treasure rooms. and a turret featuring the Mirror of Erised with changeable pictures.
    Includes 10 minifigures plus buildable Basilisk, Fawkes, Hedwig and Scabbers.
    Accessory elements include seven wands. three tumblers. an umbrella. lantern. broom. sorting hat. cauldrons, potions, candles, two wizard brooms, food, trophy, teapot, chest and a spider.

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Set by lego.

  • GraviTrax Starter set – £49.99 – Read More

    Gravitrax is an ideal game for teaching kids about gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and fun. A modern day marble run that has a cool futuristic look. You are able to create your own tracks or you can use the included blueprints. There is also a free GraviTrax App that lets you design tracks using the building editor. The starter set comes with over 100 components and offers everything you need to get started right away. A pack full of possibilities and creativity.

    GraviTrax starter set.

  • Boxer – £79.99 – Read More

    Anticipated to be one of the top seller for Christmas. Boxer is a pocket-sized AI robot, who comes with a mini remote control and a tiny football. He uses clever touch and infrared tech to actually follow your hand if you wave it in front of his eyes. He’s also got a little football he can follow around. He can even shoot goals. The robot can play games by rolling the toy over game cards, there are 10 game cards included when you buy boxer.

    Boxer the robot gaming toy.

  • My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-On – £229.99 – Read More

    Every little girl’s unicorn dreams will come true with this Ride On Toy. Little ones can ride this Unicorn around thanks to it’s electric motor. The reins control how the unicorn moves, and it looks like it can go pretty fast. It has forward and reverse gears.
    Your little one will have hours of fun as it also comes with Hairbrush and accessories to personalise your unicorn’s hair and tail.

    Unicorn ride on toy.

  • Paw Patrol Rescue Fire Truck Playset – £69.99 – Read More

    For those little Firemen. The Paw Patrol fire truck comes with an extendable ladder. And you can combine it with other vehicles in the range to make a much larger vehicle.

    Paw patrol fire rescue truck playset

  • Fingerlings Hugs – £29.99 – Read More

    Fingerlings were a popular choice last year, and this year should prove no different with the arrival of their unicorn version. These little cuties have the ability to record your voice, talk back, they know when you are hugging them and will even give you a kiss. We haven’t been given a release date as yet, but we do know these will cost £29.99 when available.

    Fingerlings hugs unicorn version

  • Pie Face Cannon – £26.99 – Read More

    Pie Face showdown was massive hit in 2015, with households going crazy over this fun filled. face splattering game. We saw a release in 2017 of Pie Face fairground version. and this year Hasbro are pulling out all the stops to ensure Pie Face Cannon is as successful. And we have to admit, we are looking forward to some family showdowns with the latest version. This has been available since August.

    Pie Face cannon edition for christmas 2018.

  • Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Tea Set – £44.99 – Read More

    It’s a little expensive for our liking. But this charming little tea set should be in every Disney fans collection, featuring a talking Mrs Potts, 4 cups and saucers and tray.

  • LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran – £64.99 – Read More

    This huge 600-piece set builds into a 3-level catamaran. with sun deck and pool, a bridge with steering controls, slide and spiral stairs. It comes with 3 mini-figures. a banana boat, and accessories including an inflatable ring. life belts, flippers, 2 dolphins, ice creams, baskets, a smartphone and an MP3 player. Kids will be entertained for hours with this great little set from Lego.

    lego's sunshine catamaran set.

  • Fingerlings Untamed Dino Cage – £39.99 – Read More

    Alongside Fingerlings T-Rex range, their Dino Cage is also expected to be a big hit this year. The Untamed Dino Cage has yet to release. It will cost £39.99 when available. We will update this article with where to buy as soon as it becomes available.

    Fingerlings untamed dino cage.

  • Nerf Laser Ops Two-Pack – £29.49 – Read More

    Nerf products have been top sellers for a good few years now and they look set to continue this trend. One of their predicted top sellers is the Nerf Laser Ops Two pack. They have only recently released this July. The guns are the first of their kind allowing you to play laser tag using a wireless connection. Designed with unlimited ammo, the blasters have a Quick-reload button to replenish supply. Select to face off in teams or in a free-for-all. These guns sync up with your phone so you can play laser tag with a friend and keep track of your score.

    Nerf laser ops two pack.

  • Treasure X 3-Pack Chest – £29.99 – Read More

    Treasure X is the ultimate surprise-reveal collectible with a Multi layered reveal process. cool figures, and the chance to find real treasure! rip, fizz and chip away to reveal the layers and discover the secrets hidden within. The legends of treasure set contains 3 treasure blocks for you to reveal. Inside one of these blocks it’s guaranteed you will find real gold dipped treasure. as you explore the 10 levels of adventure, you will also discover 3 legendary golden hunters, which golden treasure hunters will you find? There are 9 hunters to collect from the legends of treasure sets.


  • Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll – £62.99 – Read More

    For the Tiny treasures in our lives, give them their very own Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll to look after and love. These life like dolls look, feels and even smells like a real life baby. It comes wearing a cute baby gro and hat and even includes its own hospital tag and birth certificate.

    Chad valley tiny treasures doll.

  • Cozmo – £199.99 – Read More

    The price tag on this little fella may have you discrediting him too soon. But don’t dismiss him yet. he has a personality that adapts to his environment, and has a memory that likens him more to humans than that of a toy. This little guy will remember who you are and play games with you. The more you interact the more games you will unlock.


  • VTech Fantasy Unicorn – £53.49 – Read More

    Yes yes we know, it’s another Unicorn. they are taking over the top toys for 2018. and VTech look to have gotten it right with this the VTech Fantasy Unicorn. This mythical beast comes with an animatronic wand which allows you to change the colours of the unicorn. and digitally apply makeup to the toy.

    VTech Fantasy Unicorn.

  • Nella the Princess Knight Talk and Sing – £22.99 – Read More

    Meet Nella – a kind and gracious princess as well as a brave and courageous knight! She loves jousting as much as jewellery, and daring quests as much as glittering gowns. This soft-bodied Nella doll, says phrases from the show and sings the ‘Nella the Princess Knight’ theme song when you press her knightly heart..

    Nella The Princess Knight

  • L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps Series – £14.99 – Read More

    L.O.L. is back, most parents will remember this craze from last year, as most shops ran out of stock in the run up to Christmas. The Eye Spy Series Under Wraps dolls have 15 new surprises for you to unwrap. Unbox the spyglass to find codes and unlock surprises! Each dolls dressed in a mystery disguise, unbox each layer to discover who’s inside! The disguise becomes many fashion accessories. Mix and match outfits for tons of new looks.

    LOL Surprise Under Wraps.

  • Botley The Coding Robot – £79.00 – Read More

    We’re quite taken with this friendly-looking little robot. Botley’s designed to teach children early programming skills in a fun way. You can make Botley move forward and back. turn left and right, make very cute sounds. detect an object, avoid an object, score a goal – and repeat sequences of up to 80 steps. Botley comes with stickers, coding cards and activity accessories. including sticks, cubes, cones, flags, balls and a goal.

    Botley the coding robot.

  • Chow Crown Board Game – £25.75 – Read More

    Love food? Love games? Ditto, we are very excited by the release of this new board game that brings fun and food together. It’s the musical crown-spinning, chow-chompin’ game. Put on the crown then load the dangling forks with various food. ready? the crown will spin and play music – and the challenge begins. Players try to bite off the food without using their hands, and aim to eat them all before the music stops.

    Chow Crown Board Game

  • Playmobil City Life Wedding Limo – £29.99 – Read More

    The Playmobil wedding limo is the perfect way to arrive in style to a wedding. The front of the vehicle’s decorated in beautiful flowers. whilst the rear of the vehicle trails tin cans to announce the Happy couple. The roof of the limo comes off to reveal a luxury interior with flowers and a refreshing drink to toast the Happy couple. Includes 3 Playmobil figures and accessories.

    Playmobil city life wedding limo

  • Nickelodeon Experimake Sludge and Slime – £12.99 – Read More

    Kids are still going crazy for slime in 2018! There’s everything you need in this quirky science set to create loads of crazy experiments. Make an invisible monster, slimy snakes, sludgy goo and multiplying slime balls. That’s not all…create a slime monster and even gross slimy bogies. It’s the perfect set for unleashing your inner mad scientist! This science playsets ideal for Nick Kids aged eight and up. Read how to make your own Slime.

    Nickelodian experimake slime

  • Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage – £109.99 – Read More

    For the little Princess of the world. The Little Tikes princess horse and carriage provides the fantasy experience. Toddlers love this classic princess design. And parents will love pulling their little princess around their kingdom both indoors or out. The Little Tikes Princess horse and carriage encourages active play. imagination and the development of large motor skills.

    Little Tykes princess Carriage

  • Num Noms Nail Polish Maker – £34.99 – Read More

    Create your very own Num Noms nail polish. and discover the special edition Num Nom included in the playset. You can mix scents of strawberry, banana and blueberry can into Num Noms nail varnish to make fragrant polish for glamorous nails. It’s all designed as a nail café for Num Noms. Includes 50 nail stickers plus nail stencils.

    Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

  • Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store Playset – £79.99 – Read More

    This beautiful set comes with a two-storey department store building and an entrance tower. there’s also a lookout balcony, perfect for spotting your friends from.
    The main building has a manual lift that can carry figures to the upper storey if their legs tire. and the windows are detachable and can be replaced with the windows from other town series items. You can open and close the main building to enjoy different layouts. or combine the grand department store with other buildings in the town series.

    Sylvanian Families department store.

  • Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Hand and Finger Puppet Set – £27.99 – Read More

    This fantastic hand puppet is recognisable as one of Roald Dahl’s most beloved characters. It comes with finger puppets of the key characters from the story. The finger puppets mirror the infamous Quentin Blake illustrations of these brilliant characters. The colours are lovely and the fabric is tough but nice to handle. What we particularly rate though, are the puppets’ legs. – so often left off other fabric puppets but detailed here and, in Willy Wonka’s case, nice and dangly.

    Charlie and the chocolate factory puppet.

  • Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 3 4 Pack – £9.99 – Read More

    Hatchimals hatch on!! These little eggs hatch when you rub the hearts on them – and then you can use the shell as a nest. Season 3 features 3 Hatchimals to hatch and one pre-hatched Hatchimal. Check your collector’s list to see which family they belong to. There’s no stopping these cute creatures. – they’ve been going from strength to strength since Christmas 2016. and from where we’re standing their popularity is not waning one little bit.

    Hatchimals Coleggtables

  • Sphero BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer – £129.99 – Read More

    BB-9E is a menacing astromech droid of the First Order. Control it with your smart device and keep it rolling with the augmented reality Droid Trainer. Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids by Sphero, and view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E by your side. This is NOT the droid you’re looking for… it’s the droid that’s looking for you. Last Christmas, the BB-E was a big hit, and this year the BB-9E, from the new The Last Jedi movie is set to do the same.

    Sphero BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer

  • Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 by LEGO – £87.04 – Read More

    Celebrate the holidays with this festively decorated LEGO train set. featuring a sturdy green engine with red locomotive wheels and a large smoke-bellowing stack. plus a coal tender, flatbed wagon with holiday tree, gifts and toys. and a cozy red caboose where you can join the ticket collector at the table for a warm cup of cocoa. Have fun loading up the toys and gifts and watch the holiday tree rotate as you journey around the track. Stop to pick up the passengers at the charming boarding platform with its bench and lamppost. then join the driver in his cab and help deliver the precious cargo on time!

    Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 by LEGO.

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